SynTec geosynthetics are used in a multitude of different civil engineering applications in substitute of earthen materials to meet and increase the performance of a system. Some key applications that SynTec geosynthetics are applied towards consists of Soil Stabilization, Steep Slope Reinforcement, Erosion control, and Paved Highways & Secondary Roads Reinforcement.










SynTec provides high quality polypropylene biaxial SBX-Series geogrids for base reinforcement and subgrade improvement. In addition, SynTec offers high-density polyethylene (HDPE) uniaxial UX-Series geogrids for segmental block walls, reinforced soil slopes, embankments, temporary walls, panel walls, and welded wire walls.


The 3-dimensional "gripping" geomats are designed for the protection and planting of slopes subjected to surface erosion whenever a suitable vegetative substrate soil exits.


Tenweb is ideal for erosion control where the ground on slopes is dry and rocky due to lack of organic material. Under these conditions Tenweb provides an adequate depth of soil to allow for growth of vegetation.


GP Flex is a heavy duty extruded polymer grid for protecting and reinforcing grassy areas to be used by vehicles with an imposed loading of up to 8 tones per axle. The thick profile of the GP prevents vehicle tires and heavy foot traffic from coming in direct contact with the tender crown of the grass. GP Flex has a slip resistant surface that resist the tendency of the shoe or foot to slide along the walkway surface.


TR mesh protects against ground rutting due to car traffic and light weight trucks and ensures a good grasp for grass roots. TR is perfect for applications where exposure to traffic is less frequent and the grass has time to recover between passes.


SynTec ScourShield is a flexible, heavy duty "Anchored Reinforced Vegetation System" used to prevent scour erosion in areas of concentrated flows.


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